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Common answers to the questions about MARS and its functions, methodology and usage.

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  • Why should I use the MARS Ratings ?

    With over 1,500 professional modeling agencies registered worldwide, identifying agencies with the best reputation and most reliable financial statements can seem daunting if not impossible. The MARS Ratings, along with their in-depth and AI-driven Business Analysis and Valuation instruments, make it simpler than ever to find the agencies that are serious, safe, and highly reputable.
    With the help of MARS, you can quickly and easily identify and analyze the best modeling agencies based on your needs, while saving time.

  • Our agency has received a poor rating. What can we do to improve it?

    The overall ranking assigned to a modeling agency is based on its reputation, market share, macroeconomic profitability and financial health analysis and shows how your business operates.
    Usually, as soon as your modeling agency gains a stronger foothold in the market, your rating is likely to go up. In the case of an urgent request concerning the rating of your agency, you are most welcome to get in touch us for an individual review of your rating. Please contact us for more information.

  • What is the MARS?

    Importing the idea of ratings from the financial world into the world of modeling, MARS wants to implement a worldwide reputation and rating system for modeling agencies.
    As a self-learning and automated quantification system, the MARS takes advantage of the newest technologies and methodologies in data science and Artificial Intelligence to compute its ratings.

  • What does MARS stand for?

    MARS stands for "Model Agency Rating System".

  • I own a model agency. Why should I use MARS?

    A good rating by the MARS can help you gain authenticity and display credibility to all your business-partners, especially when it comes to the recruiting-process for new models. In doing so, a good MARS-rating can set you a step ahead in market.

  • I am a newface-model. Why should I use MARS?

    Starting your career as a new face can be challenging and time consuming. It can leave you wondering which modeling agency is the perfect fit for you in your new career. Using MARS will save you valuable time by helping you pre-select agencies that are not only interesting to you, but moreover it gives you access to credible agencies you may have be unfamiliar with and avoid agencies with less credibility.

  • I am an established model. Why should I use MARS?

    As an established model you may wish to gain international business partnerships or might want to expand your market. In doing so you can use MARS as a tool to test whether an agency you might be interested in has the quality you are looking for.

  • I am a fashion designer. Why should I use MARS?

    When you are a fashion designer and you are planning your next show, you probably have a strong interest in working together with a reliable agency. MARS will help you gain valuable information before you make your choice on which agency to work with.

  • Most model agencies aren't listed at the stock market. How do you produce a rating?

    Our ratings are based on internationally established mathematical procedures. Our calculations rely not only on a team of experts in different fields of modeling, but also on factual evidence. For more details please visit our methodology page.

  • I own a model agency, yet I have no current rating. How do I get one

    Please about/contact us for more information on obtaining a MARS rating.

  • I do have a question not listed in this FAQ. What can I do?

    For any other questions not listed here, please contact us via our about/contact page.