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As a real-time credit and reputation rating system, MARS is probably the most powerful weapon in the fight against the increasing number of insolvencies in the model agencies sector. An unprecedented precision calculates a turnover from all available industry data, which are combined with geographical market chances and developments. Intelligent determined transaction data enables to assign the number of modeling jobs to offer a clear and complete picture of the modeling agencies job and market situation.
This allows a unique insight into the agencies landscape and provides an exemplary transparency with a scientific disclosure model. Thus, the financial risk for every involved party, from the model to the advertising agency, reduces fundamentally.

Scientific AI

The MARS Rating System is based on an AI-driven, self-learning and smart quantification system that is developed by EDAQS, a renowned hi-tech company that is specialized in automated data quantification, big data refinement and scientific AI solutions.
As such, it is imperative to utilize the perfect technology and scientific methodologies that are best used to quantify and rate a fashion modeling agency.
Thanks to an exclusive access to the world's largest industry fashion database with 1BN data sets, the MARS is also intensively supported by EDAQS Alpha Zero, an automated scientific data and statistics research robot that works with intelligent quantification and plays a fundamental role in data retrieval.

Since 2014

We are a team consisting of experts from fields as diverse as finance, economy, fashion and data science.

Establishing the idea of ratings in the world of modeling, MARS is a system to evaluate model-agencies. Launching in 2014, the MARS will provide everyone in the modeling-business a new tool to faciliate business decisions, increase reputation and gain new information.
Analysing each agencies' position in the market, its esteem and its economical status, the team of the MARS has developed a new algorithm to provide a rating system to the world of modelling that will remove the existing lack of information thereof.


AI-driven & Scientific System

Intelligent & Proven Methodologies

Transparent & Non-Profit Structure

Fair & Devoted to the Industry

Supported by Leading Fashion Groups

Rebuilding the Image of the Industry

Partners in Science

EDAQS Alpha Zero
Smart AI-Quantification Genius

As the very first automated scientific data and statistics research project that works with intelligent quantification, EDAQS's Alpha Zero system plays a fundamental role in data retrieval.

Industry Index

The first instrument that measures the importance and the market share of a city within the fashion industry, plays an important role within the algorithms.

Scientific Accredited Database

The world's largest fashion database and a primary fashion authority since its establishment in 1998. Data exchange partner of Google's freebase and Wikipedia since the beginning.

SVI Data Source

Microsoft's SE offers a broad insight into various data sets with global demand information as well as SVI (Search Volume Indices).

logo-client-google Google
Global Data, Exchange

The world's largest search engine delivers millions of datasets for the global popularity factor. Several Google products are extending level-headed processes within sub-factors of the MARS.

The Fashion Government
Experts Pool

A project that aims to revolutionize the fashion industry with the help of digital intelligence in association with leading hi-tech companies from all over the world, including Silicon Valley.

The Fashion Industry, Universities and Science
Consulting Experts

Just like many AI-driven quanitfication systems from EDAQS, the MARS has obtained strong support in know-how and capital from a number of leading fashion ventures as well as AI specialists and consultants.
Some of the most renowned universities and Data Scientists are using the MARS values as a reference in their studies and researches.

Supporting Alliance