Credit and Reputation Rating
tailored to fashion.

Real-time, transparent and highly precise:
The credit rating system for modeling agencies,
built with Artificial Intelligence.

Avoid Financial Risk.
Measure Reputation.

For a Scientific and Transparent Regulation.

MARS breaks down the entire modeling market to the smallest portion. An unprecedented precision calculates a turnover and market share from all available industry data, which are combined with geographical market chances and developments.
Intelligent determined transaction data enables to assign the number of modeling jobs to offer a clear and complete picture of the modeling agencies job and market situation.

Credit and Reputation Ratings 2.0

MARS ratings are maintained and updated in real-time but aligned to the traditional rating scale of the international renowned credit rating agencies, such as Fitch Ratings or Standard & Poor’s.
Unlike a traditional CRA (credit rating agency), the MARS calculates a benchmark and performance rating of an agency on an intelligent new level. Thanks to its multi-levelled algorithms, MARS allows a unique insight into the agencies landscape and provides an exemplary transparency with a scientific disclosure model.
This reduces the financial and reputation risk for every involved party, from the model to the advertising agency, fundamentally.

Official Ratings - TOP 50

The following is a daily updated list and excerpt from over 2,000 ratings of the most powerful, reputable and credit-worthy professional fashion modeling agencies.
The full ratings are available to selected partners as well as cooperating fashion platforms, industrial entities and authorities.

Rating Date: 2020/09/23

Rating Agency City Rating-Value

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MARS Ratings are opinions based on information available to the MARS system and its experts committee. This includes publicly available information as well as undisclosed data and information provided to us by our data partners and third parties. Therefore, a rating can only be calculated in case of a sufficient amount of information available to us. In maintaining its ratings, the MARS relies on data it gains from its official data partners as well as third party providers it believes to be credible. Users of MARS-ratings should understand though that neither our own investigations nor the investigations of third parties providing information to us ensure that the data our ratings rely on are accurate and complete. Each agency is responsible for the accuracy of the information they provide to the public, our data partners and to the market. The assignment of a rating to any agency should therefore not be seen as a guarantee of the accuracy or completeness of the information relied on. If the MARS-system views a minimum amount for assigning a rating to a model agency as given, but the agency is not fully satisfied with its rating, the agency may request a thorough analysis with support from our ratings-experts. Ratings given by the MARS do not give recommendations about the appropriateness of an agency for a specific model or a specific customer. The MARS-system for rating model agencies does not provide to any party financial or legal advice. A rating should not be seen as a substitute for any such service. Ratings may be upgraded, downgraded, updated, deleted or changed as a result of changes in the underlying information the MARS-system considers sufficient for that purpose. The assignment of a rating by the MARS does not constitute consent by the MARS-committee to use its name in connection with any legal affairs.

Used by the leaders of the industry

Selected and leading fashion professionals and companies are using the MARS ratings to plan their collaborations, campaigns and careers.

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The MARS is included in the IFDAQ system. If you want to learn more about the IFDAQ Fashion Intelligence Unit and its AI-driven co-systems like the MARS ratings, feel free to get in touch with us.

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